Measuring and Control Units

Measuring, control and control units

IBS offers complete control cabinets as well as filters, pumps, valves, thermostats and controllers.

IBS double switching filters have a certified filtration rate. They are built on a modular basis with high efficiency filters. IBS filters need little space, thanks to a compact design.

The viscosity of the medium determines the speed of the gear pump. Furthermore it ensures a pulsating-free movement of the medium. The gear pumps turn clock- and counterclockwise and can be electrically heated. IBS gear pumps are easy to install and offer a variety of seals. Their downforce is carried out by electric or mechanical motors. The ATEX certified pumps offer a safe operation in hazardous locations.

Our temperature switches work according to the liquid expansion principle and are immersed directly into the medium.

The pressure switches are mechanical or electronic and are actuated by pressure changes of a gaseous or liquid medium.

IBS only uses glycerin filled pressure control valves with proven and predefined actuation rates. They are used in front of every pressure switch. This provides safety and actuation accuracy, due to back pulsating pressure in the system.

Our level switches are used everywhere, were accurate filling- and pumping rates of vessel are important.

We deliver custom made control system for different applications. We work according to domestic- and international regulations.

Temperature, Pressure, Flow & Level Measurement & Switching Systems

Electromechanical & Electronic Controls

IBS uses only glycerin-filled gauge with tried-and-tested and pre-built damping lines. They are also used before each pressure switch. They increase both safety and display per switching accuracy compared to the always existing, retroactive pulsations in the system. We use PT 100 elements for displaying and measuring temperature. The special design (2 x PT 100 in 3-leads) provide the opportunity to connect the second existing lead to the control system or to use it for standby or back up.

To control and regulate the modules, we use Siemens SPS control systems. They have an international proven track record. They also offer the possibility to save data on EEPROM and therefore obsolete the need for batteries to save the data.