IBS engineers and manufactures lube oil-, coolant and fuel supply systems for large engines, turbines and industrial plants.

Our systems are intelligent quality products “made in Germany”.

They meet stringent technical demands even for challenging applications.


IBS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management system. manufactures according to international regulations such as API or marine classification societies and to customer specific requirements. Our qualified team in manufacturing work according to international standards and regulations.

Product portfolio

IBS offer custom- and mass produced solutions, Or a combination of both: just like you need it. Our product portfolio includes the following systems:

  1. Lube oil and fuel systems
  2. Cooling Systems
  3. Preheating systems
  4. Instrumentation and control systems

Our Service:

  • Documentation
  • Spare parts & service
  • Technical support
  • Machine installation and start up
  • Inspections and maintenance

Our experience – your advantage

Based on many years of experience we select our material carefully according to:

  • Durability
  • Serviceability
  • Uncomplicated sourcing.

Compatible and complete

IBS-systems solution are laid out to be easily compatible

If the systems are completely equipped with IBS modules for the supply of fuel – coolant –– lube oil and air, you will receive a uniform control system. It will make it easier for the service staff to manage and it lowers your inventory.


IBS is flexible when it comes to customer specific requirements and delivers exactly what you need.

We work and engineer into the future, so our customers can take full advantage of the durability of our products. This ensures that our customers are always in the lead.